12 Reasons why we fail to follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle is followed when a proper guidance is there for you in the form of a relative or a friend or some identity from which you can find inspiration and go through the journey of soul lifestyle.

Here are some main reasons why people fail to follow some healthy lifestyle tips:

  1. Bad habits
  2. Bad company
  3. No proper guidance
  4. Bad routine
  5. Tough aims
  6. Less dedication
  7. No mentor
  8. No knowledge
  9. Less afford
  10. Depression
  11. Responsibilities
  12. No hurdle handling

Bad habits:

Most of the bad habits are there in your life through the routine followed by you daily or through the company you keep in order to live through the journey of life. These are adapted through means given below:
  • ·         Lazy routine
  •       Society

Lazy routine:

Importance of healthy lifestyle is always there taught through simple means of learning but we have a routine that we follow that disable us to follow it. We sleep too much and have a habit of not working at all.

This create the muscle weakness and muscle would become unable to work properly.


Bad company has the main effects on the habits we adapt thus we become addicted to some things that mostly injurious to health.

Smoking is injurious as well as drinking and this habit due to the bad company we keep and not let them go.

Bad company:

                    “Bad friends would only be there when they have a need of you”

Bad friends make us push our boundaries when we have some simple set of rules they push it and we do things which make us regret in the form of life taking habits.

 No proper guidance:

When we have a push to follow a healthy lifestyle we always fail to have roper guidance and that push  goes away with time and we get back to old routine.

Guidance plays a main part in managing a lifestyle habits and proper following of healthy tips.

This guidance can be in the form of friend and relatives.

Bad routine :

When we have routine of earning through the job of tough timetable we fail to adapt a healthy lifestyle and every motivation is pushed back .

Proper managing of the time schedule is a talent done when we are properly motivate for the transformation.

Tough Aims:

When we set aims in our life and go on with life to achieve them we set back everything aside, this plays a major role in not living a healthy lifestyle.

         “Our aims are actually our hurdles which stop us from achieving something great”

So, Importance of healthy lifestyle should always be kept in to have our aims sorted.

Less dedication:

Dedication is most important for maintain a healthy lifestyle it is long process to manage it through tough circles of time. But dedication is the thing which keeps it going to remain healthy.

No Mentor:

Mentor is the person which you find inspiration from on the topic of lifestyle. But when there is nobody to follow we will lose the determination on managing a routine.

“Mentor is a personality you won’t meet in your life. But a pursuit to be like them would be there with you through life”

No knowledge:

When we don’t have proper knowledge to follow through life we won’t be able to remain healthy we would become psychological patient.

Knowledge is the key that provide us with the need of remain healthy because we know that we can through some lifestyle changes.

Less afford:

It is mostly the main reason that people think that following a healthy lifestyle is very expensive so they become rebels and don’t follow the healthy tips at all.


Depression is a problem that hurdles healthy lifestyle everyone wants to follow this causes the gap.

Depressing thoughts come when we make lifestyle a competition and it becomes depressing to follow it because there would always be some lacking in one way or another.


Excuses are always there one of them is the main responsibilities that everyone has to fulfill even we are following a healthy life style or not, having a house, children fulfill the needs, so these are just excuses that can be managed.

No Hurdle Handling:

Hurdles comes and go but we have the capacity to withstand them, but we sometimes don’t learn from them and make mistakes and then it becomes hard to face these hurdles.

So we can’t follow a lifestyle when it become difficult because we don’t have the capacity to face these hurdles.



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