5 reasons why we don’t value the importance of healthy lifestyle

The pressure of the responsibilities makes us forget the importance of healthy lifestyle. The time we come across the values of our health we come to know that it’s too late. The best way to avoid this situation in the lifestyle of 9 to 5 is to know the facts and reasons to ignore the Importance of Healthy Lifestyle.
Here are some reasons we don’t value the life of hygiene or health or to never think of it in the first place.

  • ·         Tough job routine
  • ·         Mindset finalized
  • ·         Wrong inspirations
  • ·         Less knowledge
  • ·         Responsibilities

Tough job Routine:

In job tasks we have to work under pressure under tough circumstances. We more often have goals to compete with and stay ahead of the schedule.


These protocols of a job really disable us to really think on our own health, find means to channelize our lifestyle. There are two factors in job life that can affect the lifestyle really bad.

  • ·         Mind fatigue
  • ·         Food to eat

Mind fatigue:

The routine we set for our-self really get us going with our life and the time goes by in a flick which makes us think about the fact that tough routine do have an effect on healthy lifestyle. 

mind fatigue

Our mind leaves to respond on time or to communicate well with time because of consistent work and no refreshments.

Food to Eat:

The food we eat outdoor due to tough lifestyle is really not good for health and can lead to many disorders which can be harmful for life.

unhealthy food

Mindset finalized:

Lifestyle can be channelized it does not require anyone its social status or wealth. People often makes u their mind that living a healthy lifestyle is very expensive or of rich people thing to do.Just do it.

right knowledge

Most of the people think that the people with enough wealth can do it or with the life with fewer responsibilities can do it well. But the community which is very low or middle class can’t afford to live healthy but it is just a mindset.

Wrong inspirations:

People often find someone who is not good with lifestyle or someone with flaws in his/her life

wrong ideas

So everyone just try to follow their ideal even their wrong or rightly perceived habits which ultimately lead them to loss.

The proper study must be done before following someone.

Less Knowledge:

Less knowledge is bad thing. People often gets into the wrong routine not knowing their body types and the percentage of the workout needed for the optimum result.


This can lead to overdoing or not doing at all in every sense of fitness or a lifestyle.

Youngsters who start in fitness very young often gets injured because of the wrong routine settled for them or the wrong diet plan the schedule for themselves without knowledge


                                          Responsibilities strengthen the life not weaken it.

Mostly lame people think of the responsibilities as the best way to avoid the hard-work to do in remain healthy and just flip the coin to the dark side.

They just don’t have it in them and just get it out on others that Importance of Lifestyle is in place but responsibilities must be given a check which can be done with healthy lifestyle.


Lame excuses when given in excess it becomes a lifestyle and success becomes a wish.


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